Monday, November 14, 2016

A Plea from the People...

To: Members of the 2016 Electoral College
(Contact info for many of them are here. #FlipThe37)

From: The American Majority

Subject: A Plea from The People

Dear Madams & Sirs,

You have a great responsibility to our country and future, and I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of us when I say THANK YOU!  Our government and society is dependent upon our systems of checks and balances, as we all work to honor our Constitution and truly uphold the beliefs on which our country was founded.  You, our Electoral College, exist to ensure our integrity and sanctity as a nation is preserved in the highest-ranking office, President of the United States of America.  To quote Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Essay #68: “The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”  Donald Trump has himself demonstrated on more occasions than can be counted to fall far below the expected level of qualification, integrity, honor, and fairness needed and required to be our President.  The majority of Americans are holding out hope that the last check and balance in this process – you – also recognize this and are prepared to exercise your power to protect our country.

As a member of the LGBT Community, I have a full appreciation for our country not being run by “majority rule”.  Our founding fathers truly demonstrated their genius and forethought by putting parameters in place that prevent the majority groups from overpowering minorities and having an unfair balance of power and influence.  In the case of this particular election, however, the majority of Americans did make the right choice.  The only reason that popular vote isn’t directly correlated to the projected electoral votes, is a simple matter of where the imaginary lines are drawn.  I can’t walk in this country for the next 4 years without ensuring my conscience is clear and that I made my effort in identifying the insanity of this outcome based purely on arbitrarily drawn lines.  I hope you will at least hear me out and consider the impact of this momentous decision.

Donald Trump’s entire Presidential Campaign was founded on hate, discrimination, violence, and fear.  His entire professional life was based on fraud, deceit, loopholes, power, and attacks.  In fact, there is already enough evidence to impeach him, and he hasn’t been sworn in yet!  I have searched far and wide to find significant proof of his integrity and honor as a man, and sadly, I struggled to find an ounce of information to support any such claim.  He has continuously promoted a white supremacist version of society, and has both directly and indirectly incited violence as a result.  He has been caught on video on multiple occasions blatantly telling his rally attendees to “beat the sh!t out of” protestors, for starters.  His words and anger toward Muslims, Americans, Black People, LGBT People, and Women have already resulted in an enormous surge in hate crimes.  On Day 1 of Trump’s America alone, there were reports of violence, aggression, and attacks, all of which involved aggressors stating things such as “Trump is President now” or “My President will make sure all of your kind die”.  Here are just a few examples of some of the verified reports that were made on the day following the election alone:

·       A group of minority students on a bus in New York were told “shouldn’t you be sitting in the back of the bus?  Trump is President now!”
·       Teenage boys approached a group of 15-year-old girls saying “we can grab your pussy any time we want and there’s nothing you can do about it”.
·       Many Muslim women reported having their hijab ripped off/almost ripped off their heads and violence threatened against them and their family.
·       My gay cousin, on Long Island in NY had this life threatened and was told that “My President will make sure that your kind all die”.
·       Signs have been posted above water fountains reading “Whites Only”.
·       Members of the LGBT Community have been beaten, had their cars vandalized, and found letters threatening their lives, or mocking their “about to be reversed” marriages.
·       Kindergarten children were taunted that their families would be sent back “where they belong”.
·       Groups of white students were walking through the halls of their schools chanting “white power” or “build the wall”, while minority students cried and had to leave school.

That list goes on and on… and again, that was all on day 1.  Now, to be perfectly clear, my 6-year-old will be the first to tell you that I am a FIRM believer that you and YOU ALONE are responsible for your choices.  You must take responsibility for your every action and word, regardless of what emotion spurred it.  The point remains, however, that every single one of those aggressors felt validated in their actions because not only did Trump’s words incite their escalated feelings, but he went without retribution and was instead ACCLAIMED for it, so they feel invincible and “right”. 

This is not our America.  This is not acceptable behavior.  Allowing someone of that character to rise to the position of President absolutely sends a message.

It tells every Muslim that their country really does think they are all terrorists and dangerous and they don’t belong here.

It tells every Mexican that their home sees them as rapists and criminals and they don’t belong here.

It tells every Black person that they are not valued and are lesser than whites and they don’t belong here.

It tells every Mother that her role in society is irrelevant beyond tending to her children, and that her pregnancy and need for specialized healthcare are an inconvenience to her employer and no one cares.

It tells every Woman that her body is NOT her body, any harm that comes to it IS her fault, being raped or sexually assaulted should be even less reported than it is now, because a man’s ability to succeed far surpasses her right to live safely and justly, and she doesn’t matter.

It tells every member of the LGBT community that they aren’t really people and shouldn’t have any rights to feel secure in their jobs, have an ability to legally protect their children, or to be treated as American Citizens because they don’t matter.

It tells every tax payer that they are “stupid” for obliging the system and would be better off not paying, and not paying people who provide services if “they don’t do it sufficiently”.

It tells every living President, all of which have adamantly refused to endorse him, that their experience, expertise, and opinion are irrelevant.

It tells every white boy and member of the KKK that they are more powerful and respected and important than anyone else, especially if they have money, and that no one else matters.

It tells the rest of the world that we don’t believe in the science of Climate Change and will do nothing to reverse the negative impact we’ve had because we would have a Climate Denier in his Administration, so the government will support a sum total of NO assistance.

It tells the rest of the world that we are a weakened, hateful nation that will no longer take any vested interest in anyone else, and our President is daring you to personally attack him so he can enter the most secure codes on the planet.

Validation of Trump’s actions and words sends. a. message.  …and it’s not a message that any TRULY American person can stand behind or support.

The protests are warranted.  The outpouring of pure grief at the loss of any hope of safety or freedom is warranted.  The overwhelming fear for the future our children will grow into is warranted.  The demand and need and hope for the people designed to protect us from these things happening is warranted.

He has spoken out against the protestors claiming that they are media conspiracies and it’s “very unfair”.

He has threatened to put an end to shows like SNL because they “unfairly mocked” him. 

He had to have his access to his own Twitter account revoked in the last few weeks leading up to Election Day for fear of what nonsensical, immature, offensive rant he would post in the middle of the night.

There isn’t an ounce of his temperament that indicates any ability to lead this country with honor, intelligence, careful consideration, fairness, or charisma.  Donald Trump’s temperament is more reminiscent of the villainous football coach in every cliché movie, than anything resembling an impactful public figure.  He has continuously demonstrated significant ignorance in how the process of government works as demonstrated by his claims that Hillary should have changed tax law as a NY State Senator, and, most recently, his personal admission that he **googled** Obamacare *this week*.  He is one of the biggest domestic dangers we have ever faced, and will certainly have the ability to set us back centuries, if not more.

The People were right.  Hillary Clinton is THE best choice we’ve ever had for President.  She has a full understanding of our government, has always led with the people’s best interest at heart, intends to unite our country in the true American spirit, and improve the quality of life for ALL Americans.  She will serve our country with the utmost intelligence, grace, honor, and care than perhaps any predecessor.

Please, put country before party and make history as the group of Electors that recognized the threat and put an end to it before our country had the chance to implode.  Our future is in your hands…

With Respect and Our Last Ounce of Hope,

Updated food-for-thought:
She's up by 1.5 MILLION and counting, and it just "so happens" that he won in a few strategic counties to get the EC Votes? After all of the interference from WikiLeaks and Russia that miraculously stopped after the election? WAY too important to just ignore and shrug your shoulders at...
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  1. he will never be my President. I do not even feel confident knowing opscanning corporations read out election results. My instinct tells me Trump, Florida Banks, PNR, Bill Stone his buddy, cheating, pay offs and cheating! Tell me why I feel that way?

  2. #nevertrump #notmypresident #strongertogether #LOVENOTHATE #LOVETRUMPSHATE #PowerToThePeople #NEVERtrump

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