Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Women are C-RAZY!!

There is no denying the fact that women are C-RAZY!!  I am a woman – I can validly attest to this fact!  In a split second we can go from calm and happy to INSANE!  We can suddenly fly off the handle, jump to irrational conclusions, hold grudges, assault you with our words then smile and hug you.  C-RAZY.

Some of us, however, are better at hiding our crazy and better at keeping it in check to function in the normal world.  Us “calm chicks” can think clearly without letting emotions get too cloudy, have a rational conversation, explain our intentions and expectations and be fun and easy going!

BUT there are plenty of women who are all kinds a’ crazy and do nothing to control it!!  Sometimes, ‘dem b!tches be so crazy, dey don’t even kno!  (It’s times like these when I tap back into my 13 year old ghetto-self. ;)  It felt necessary.)

Don’t be scared!  There is a KEY clue you can look for to know when it’s necessary to bust out the Kevlar vest and RUN in the opposite direction!

(Drum roll please!!!)

C-RAZY Clue #1! -- She doesn’t have true female friends!  Guys, you may be wondering, “well, why is that important?”.  Let me give you some insider information... EVERY woman who has ever and will ever walk this planet has an innate ability to be manipulative, petty and vindictive.  Yes, EVERY woman.  Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth and your mother included!  Most of us, however, mature past the point of it being our immediate way of handling a situation and function as rational, logical individuals.  (At least 3 weeks a month!)  Not all of us do though. 

Fortunately... Women also have an innate ability to see these traits in other women.  That means we don’t trust these C-RAZY @$$ b!tches!  We interact civilly and exchange pleasantries when necessary, but we don’t trust them or truly befriend them.  That should send sirens off in your head.  That should help you see that any girl who is lacking true, emotionally invested, honest-to-God female FRIENDS is still – and likely always will be – innately manipulative, petty and vindictive. 

I know, I know, I know... you’re thinking of girls you know right now who don’t have true girl friends who you think are “normal”.  Lemme ask you this... who do you think understands the world of female behavior better guys, us or you??  That’s what I thought! 

Trust me.  Trust our instincts.  RUN from these women!  This is the NUMERO UNO clue that a woman is C-RAZY!!

Ladies, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but if you don’t have truly close girl friends, you may be a crazy @$$ b!tch. #justsayin ;) haha

Everyone - be safe out there... it’s c-razy!

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